Baelfire is a Welsh Pony born in the wilds of the Snowdonian Mountains in Wales during the reign of King Henry VIII of England. Follow his adventures as he runs with the wild ponies and also travels with the villagers and meets nobles and peasants alike, as well as other horses, ponies, mules and animals.

Each coloring book is an average of 48 pages long, with 24 full page illustrations that you can color, creating a customized storybook based on your own imagination. The format is 9" by 12" and pages are 80 pound art paper, durable enough to withstand crayon, pastel, marker, pencil and paint. O-wire spiral bound, with a 3/16th thick back cover that serves as a firm drawing surface when the book is open for ease of use and hours of enjoyment almost anywhere.

The Legend of Baelfire

The Legend Begins

Baelfire tells of his origins and his first year growing up on the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales.

The Legend of Baelfire, Book 1 The Legend Begins
Oct 2013
Book 1

Merlins Keep

Baelfire encounters wolves in the mountains and meets a magical new friend!

The Legend of Baelfire, Book 2, Merlins Keep
Nov 2013
Book 2