The Steed & Palfrey

The Steed & Palfrey is a celebration of The Horse. Artist Kerry Kelly creates images of horses and other equines, a simple effort to express her own feelings for this animal that has captured the imagination of man since the dawn of time. You can find her and her work at booth #27 at the Texas Renaissance Festival every fall.

Celtic Horse knotwork

The Magic of The Horse

The relationship of horse and man goes back many thousands of years and is steeped in history. History believes that horse and man first began this relationship on the steppes of modern day Russia. Amongst the vast grasslands wild horses roamed in great numbers, decendents of migrants from another continent. Man hunted the horse for food, and sat many a hours in the tall, lush grasses admiring such a free spirit. Lost in time, man crawled upon the back of this noble beast, so fleet of foot and so strong. He too, wanted to explore beyond the horizon and drink of the wind.

My Work

Sampson the War Horse

Paintings and Drawings

Prints or originals, the majesty of the horse and his equine brethern are depicted here, along with man's relationship.

Sterling silver pony head and feathers on turquoise

Other Media

The Horse as depicted in other media - be it sculpture or jewelry or woodworking.